It’s Monday 6.27.11 Living in Freedom

This weekend, I invited the community to place themselves on this spectrum:

I think only of myself___________I always think of others

I suggested that one of the movements we can make toward living fully in the freedom that Jesus gives is to mark progress toward living for others—the essence of our walk with Jesus.

So, where do you find yourself on that spectrum?

A few questions I have used over the years to gauge where I am on that spectrum are:

Do I consider what my daily decisions will mean for others?
Do I wonder how the language I use builds up or tears down others?
Do I ever wonder what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes?
Am I willing to take a detour from my daily rhythm and agenda if it means walking alongside someone else in need?

It’s Monday. Today you can make a move on that spectrum as you more intentionally live for others. What will that look like for you? Peace. Kai