It’s Monday June 11

“Our family put the ‘dys’ in dysfunction.” It was a humorous note in an otherwise somber meeting with three siblings as we prepared the funeral for their mother. Story layered upon story of missed opportunities and emotionally barren relationships that created a toxic culture saturated with the slow acting poisons of indifference and neglect. My heart ached for this family-for their aborted past and for the ways that some of the sins of the past were visiting another generation.

Yet, there were glimmers of hope. For some, it was evident that other relationships with spouses, friends, and a faith community had intersected their adult lives providing an antidote of hope and altering the trajectory of despair. They discovered the healing power of human touch, of companions willing to walk alongside, of friends who showed up.

As I reflected on this situation, I came across these words from Lauretta Miles: “The community of persons closest to us has the power to keep us in the tomb of fear or to call us into the daybreak of hope. Do those around us call us to huddle more closely together…or do they help us throw the doors open because we have experienced together the freeing call to action that is the Spirit of Jesus in our midst?”

The power to keep us in the tomb of fear. The power to call us into the daybreak of hope. Think about the power of human relationships. Now think about your relationships. Who are the people in your community? Do they call you to huddle more closely together or throw the doors open on the wild and unpredictable experience of life?

It’s Monday. Find someone in your community that calls you to “the daybreak of hope.” Make it a point to spend time with them soon. Experience the life-giving power of relationship. Peace. Kai