It’s Monday April 8

This Time Tomorrow. Our Easter theme focuses our minds on the manifestation of Jesus’ resurrection in our daily lives, not just the celebration of Easter on Sunday mornings. Each week we are asking someone in worship these three questions:

What do you do Monday through Saturday?
What will you be doing this time tomorrow?
How can we pray for you?

Following our Easter services, I made contact with one of the persons we interviewed for our This Time Tomorrow segment in worship. He was heading into a rough Monday morning of intense meetings and potentially difficult planning sessions. His response nailed it!

“Yesterday when I arrived at work and opened the Interview with God (a daily devotional he listens to), the Saturday service came rushing back and I felt this sensation of not being alone. It was really neat and it stayed with me throughout the day; difficult to put into words but real nonetheless. At the risk of sounding glib, I felt like the guy in the Verizon commercial with the network behind him. 🙂 ”

The network behind him! I couldn’t think of a better way to express the outcome we hoped for in this season. As you leave Sunday worship, can you imagine the network of your faith community having your back as you enter your work place, your school? Do you know and can you be confident that Jesus’ life is present in and through yours? You are not alone. Because you are not alone, what you do Monday through Saturday matters as much to Jesus as what you do Sunday.

It’s Monday. The network is behind you today. Be confident in the expansiveness of our love, of Jesus’ love for you. Peace. Kai

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