It’s Monday September 30

I’m back! What I thought was going to be a few weeks’ hiatus from writing It’s Monday turned to a few months. At first, it was simply a matter of apathy due to overload–trying to do too much. Then, it moved to conscious choice. Sometimes you need to stop doing things, even good things, if your life is fracturing. Strategic subtraction is what my Professor Bob Logan called it. Try it. I think you’ll like it.

Now, I’m back and riding high coming off our congregation’s celebration of 175 years of ministry this weekend. In the American tradition, only a small percentage of congregations persevere through 175 years of ministry and an even smaller percentage of congregations have ministry that continues to be vital in year 176 and beyond. I’m honored to serve such a community.

The service was framed by these words and this reality: Our story begins and ends in the love of God. Throughout, grandparents and their grandchildren spoke words of gratefulness for 175 years and hope for year 176 and beyond. Children’s voices in unison blended harmoniously with adults singing the enduring songs of the generations and the enthusiastic songs of a new generation. Our story begins and ends in the love of God.

Now it’s year 176–Day One! We can revel in the past and neglect our future or we can live respectfully of our past by fully engaging our future. I think I can anticipate this community’s response. I confidently trust in God’s response: Our story begins and ends in the love of God.

It’s Monday. Today, you will encounter many people, many opportunities to extend the love of God. Start year 176 well! Peace. Kai