It’s Monday September 28

This fall, we launched our adult formation process, A Path to Peace. Here are a few critical insights about the process we are inviting you into.

First: It is a process unique to your life not a mass produced program. It is not neatly packaged and ready to be consumed. Rather, this process is to be opened gradually, consciously, and savored over a lifetime. Questions and introspection about your life will be your guides more often than answers given by an expert. The only expert on your life is you.

Second: A Path to Peace is holistic. We will examine how God is working to renew our minds, renew our bodies, and renew our spirits. Author John Ortberg casts the vision, “God is not interested in an abstract thing called our spiritual life; God is interested in our life.” All of it.

Third: The path is paved with the grace of God. God’s grace is the transforming power for a new or renewed life. We live because God lives in us. We breathe because God breathes in us. We are renewed because God’s Spirit longs to make all things new.

Fourth: Intentionality is key. Courage is necessary. And hope is the compelling energy for action.

We have designed a way for you to take a step on your Path to Peace. You will choose whether or not to accept the invitation and what that will look like in this season of your life.

The first two-week discernment class begins tonight…7:00-8:30 in the Fellowship Hall at Peace Lutheran.

It’s Monday. Are you ready to step forward on A Path to Peace? Peace. Kai