It’s Monday–Give Me Hope

With this short week for many, amidst the preparations and travel, and the anticipation of all the delightful and dreaded family gatherings, I simply offer this prayer for the season from Ted Loder:

Give Me Hope 

O God,

this is a hard time,

a season of confusion,

a frantic rush

to fill my closets,

my schedule

and my mind,

only to find myself empty.


Give me hope, Lord,

and remind me

of your steady presence

and gracious purposes

that I may live fully.

Renew my faith

that the earth is not destined

for dust and darkness,

but for frolicking life

and deep joy

that, being set free

from my anxiety for the future,

I may take the risks of love


It’s Monday. What risks of love will you take this season? Peace. Kai

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